Call to a Decade of Resurrection


 Let’s walk on ways of Unity and Witness towards the Celebrations of the 2000 years of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in 2033!

This Walk has three Stages


Let’s gather around Jesus Christ, as He calls us to be one, and let’s visit each other!


This Jubilee and its preparation is a historical opportunity to share the Love of God.


The festivities around this 2000 anniversary should be joyful, artistic and creative. Celebrating the beauty of the Resurrection of Christ in diversity and joy will be attractive.

A Decade of Resurrection

At Easter 2023, ten years separate us from Easter 2033. We invite you to mark this moment!

Various Ways towards 2033

A way where the love of Christ embraces us and flows among us and the Churches.
A way of holiness where we allow ourselves to be transformed by Christ.
A way of unity where we are reconciled, in response to Christ’s prayer.
A way of service where we meet the neediest in whom Christ awaits us.
A way of prayer where we pray with perseverance to Christ, the King of our hearts.
A way of witness where Christ sends us to proclaim the light of His resurrection.
A way of justice, where we share Christ’s humble and fraternal way of life
A way of peace, where we look to Christ who destroyed the walls of enmity by His cross.
We can live these ways now, putting the risen Christ at the heart of our personal lives,
at the heart of our Church and between the Churches.
May the Holy Spirit who raised Jesus Christ from the dead enlighten us and lead us!

Call to walk towards 2033!